Valentine’s Day is almost here.   What better time to focus on enhancing your “Love Flow”.   It’s easier than you might think. Simply let go of Love Control.

Intimate relations are fertile grounds for controlling actions.  Love control runs the gamut, from unsolicited advice and opinions, to criticism and judgment, to unreasonable demands and expectations.   Such control behaviors breed resentment and diminish the love glow.

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Let Go of Love Control

Here are two effective ways to let go of love control and stimulate your love flow.

1. Be Accepting of Your Love One. Accept your partner for whom, what, and how he or she is, rather than trying to “mold” him (or her) to suit your perceived needs.

2. Moderate Your Expectations. Expecting too much of or from your partner invariably leads to resentment and conflict by putting undue pressure on him or her.  Hence, lower your expectations,reduce the intensity, and allow the love currents to flow naturally.

A Valentine’s Committment

Make a commitment to try these love decontrol tools  this week.  I am confident your Valentine’s Day will shine brighter with enhanced love glow.


Let it Go!



  • Chelsea Posted April 20, 2012 10:53 pm

    I read your book and found it helpful in dealing with stress. I do have a relationship question for you. I am tired of being single. I have read self help books that involve making a list of what I want in a guy and visualizing it, but this doesn’t seem to be helping. It seems like it would go against your advice mentioned in that book, in which the girl meets a guy who is not usually her type but gives him a chance anyway. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks for your time, Danny.

  • Daniel A. Miller Posted April 22, 2012 8:58 am

    Hi Chelsea,
    You raise a very good question. I understand the idea behind making a list and visualizing it, but if overdone it can lead to what I call “limited thinking,” which is a way of controlled thinking in which we too quickly rule out life’s possibilities–including romantic ones. My suggestion is that once you make your list, then “let it go” so that you will be open to what come your way. You can always “exclude” later. As you know from reading my book, it sure worked for me!


    • Chelsea Posted April 26, 2012 12:07 am

      That is very helpful. Thank you.

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