Because accepting others as they are is vital to our over all well-being and contentment (See my post, “Five Good Reasons for Accepting People as They Are”), I have found it helpful to formulate acceptance intentions to follow and review during the year.     Below are my acceptance intentions for 2014:

I intend to:

“Moderate my expectations of others”

“Recognize that my way is not the best or “right” way for others”

“Rember that I cannot meaningfully change how others are or act”

“Keep the focus on myself and what I can do to improve my own life”

“Appreciate the good in others”

“Practice humility in all my affairs”

“Say the Serenity Prayer each morning”

“Let go of control


“Recognize that fundamentally acceptance is a choice

What are your acceptance intentions for 2014?   I encourage you to try the ones above that personally speak to you or formulate your own.   I am confident your reward will be,

Greater Serenity in 2014!

In the meantime, remember to

Let It Go!


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