The Gifts of Acceptance

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy my many articles on the control and acceptance dynamics. I’m a best selling author, poet, artist, and successful businessman. Tennis is my passion.

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Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award Finalist

“A Best Wellness Book of the Year”
Library Journal

I Honor My Father by Accepting Him as He Is

My father, Morry Miller, was only 21 years old when this Air Force photo of him was taken. During World War II he captained over 35 missions in the dangerous South Pacific with the famous (and infamous) heavy, unsafe B-24 bomber that was prominently featured in the movie “Unbroken” several years ago. My dad returned […]

The Best Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift: ACCEPTANCE

We’re taught to honor our mother and father.   But what if they weren’t exactly a model of calm maternal and paternal caring, strength, and guidance during your childhood.   What if they still criticize and demean you, infuriate you, or simply push your buttons? This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why not try accepting them?  Why […]

Three Misconceptions About Acceptance

Do you have trouble accepting annoying people in your life?  If you are like others I have spoken to on the matter, your thoughts on the subject might be similar to theirs: Why should I accept . . . My sister’s condescending behavior? My mother’s belittling me all the time? My husband’s telling me what’s […]

Emerson and the Correlationship Between Control and Contentment

As a prequel to the pages of Losing Control, Finding Serenity: How the Need to Control Hurts Us and How to Let It Go, I cited the following insightful words of Ralph Waldo Emerson from his essay, “Spiritual Laws,” published in 1841: “There is a guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we […]