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The Gifts of Acceptance

“A Best Wellness Book of the Year” —Library Journal
"Benjamin Franklin Multiple Award Winner” —IBPA
“Book of the Year Award Finalist” —Foreword Reviews

Welcome! I hope you enjoy my many articles on the control and acceptance dynamics. I’m a best selling author, poet, artist, and successful businessman. Tennis is my passion.

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Daniel A Miller
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Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award Finalist

“A Best Wellness Book of the Year”
Library Journal

Acceptance in the Time of Coronavirus–A Series

 “These are Times that Try Men’s Souls” In December 1776 General George Washington and his troops were facing imminent defeat, having been driven out of New York and chased across New Jersey by the British. Washington had been deserted by Congress and his demoralized, hungry, and ill equipped troops planned to go home in two […]

How the Serenity Prayer Helps Deal with the Coronavirus

The Serenity Prayer* has really helped me in dealing with the severe impact of the coronavirus and I hope it can help you as well. Every day it becomes more clear how powerless—and helpless–we are over so many aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on our lives.  Jobs and financial losses, business closures, […]

Improving the Love Flow Through Acceptance

Accepting our loved ones for who, what, and how they are leads to greater trust and deeper bonds, two of the major gifts of acceptance I write about in The Gifts of Acceptance.   Simply put, it improves the love flow. Not so simple, however, is accepting  the quirks, idiosyncrasies, and habits of our loved ones […]

The Harms of Withdrawal–And How to “Return”

  In a recent post, I explained how procrastination is a control based avoidance mechanism that carries potentially severe consequences.  Withdrawal is another such mechanism that can be even more detrimental to our well-being. At times we all have had the urge to retreat and “hole up” and just escape the world.   This is understandable […]