The Gifts of Acceptance

Awarded "Top 10 Wellness Books of 2018" - Library Journal

Welcome! I hope you enjoy my many articles on the control and acceptance dynamics. I’m a best selling author, poet, artist, and successful businessman. Tennis is my passion.

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“Top 10 Wellness Books of 2018”

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Acceptance Conversations As Peacemakers

I have learned that acceptance conversations can be true peacemakers that bridge the current political and social divides. Since the publication of The Gifts of Acceptance  (recently awarded “Top 10 Wellness Books of 2018” by Library Journal, for which I am deeply honored)– I have had the opportunity to be interviewed on many talk radio shows […]

Challenges of Accepting People and Things as They Are

There are formidable challenges to accepting people and things as they are.  In the Gifts of Acceptance: Embracing People and Things as They Are I explore in depth how to overcome the main obstacles to practicing acceptance.  As part of my efforts to help “Make Acceptance Go Viral,” I recently wrote an article for the popular blog, Purpose […]

The Gifts of Accepting Our Children’s Addictions

Some people–maybe even you–upon reading the title of this post might immediately retort something like, “Gifts? What do you mean mean gifts?  My child’s addiction has been nothing but a horrendous burden for us.” I understand your frustration. I really do. I have friends who have suffered tremendously in dealing with their children’s debilitating drug […]

The Link Between Acceptance and Recovery

In a previous post, The Link between Addiction and Control, I considered whether a pertinent connection exists between addiction and control. I hypothesized that because the internal lives of most addicts are so out of control, they attempt to manage their uncomfortable emotions and feelings of powerlessness by exerting strong outward forms of control. This […]