The Gifts of Acceptance

“A Best Wellness Book of the Year” —Library Journal
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy my many articles on the control and acceptance dynamics. I’m a best selling author, poet, artist, and successful businessman. Tennis is my passion.

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Daniel A Miller
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Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award Finalist

“A Best Wellness Book of the Year”
Library Journal

Avoiding Avoidance

                         Many of us have little inkling about how much, how often, and in what ways we try to control people and things around us—and how it harms us.  Controlling conduct is not always assertive or overt.   It is often subtle and even passive, […]

Accepting “Lulls” and “Lows”

We all have uncomfortable lulls in our lives where we feel things are at a standstill, or when we have nothing interesting or productive to engage us, or when we simply feel stuck. Even the word lull itself makes me feel a certain dread. My lulls often occur after I’ve completed a project or endeavor in […]

Optimizing The Benefits of The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer* is my guide to practicing acceptance in all my affairs.   It is a prayer for acceptance that allows me to be more fully aware, from the very start of my day, of the vast number of things I cannot control or change, and it reminds me that my very serenity depends on […]

The Humility/Acceptance Link

In media interviews for The Gifts of Acceptance I am often asked,  “what are the keys to practicing acceptance?” When I say “humility” is an important key, some interviewers ask me to explain further because the link between humility and acceptance may not seem readily apparent. Yet, it’s a very direct one. Simply put, in […]