I have found that trusting my sound intuition invariably results in my making much better life decisions—particularly with respect to those situations that involve numerous pros and cons, or in which not all the key facts are known.

Not everyone trusts their intuition, but they should; intuition is one of the more effective tools you can use to help you solve problems.

The Master Calculator

Intuition means different things to different people.   My dad refers to it as “listening to that little person inside.”  Others refer to it as following their “gut feeling” or trusting their instincts.    However you may wish to call or think of it, I firmly believe that our sound intuition is uniquely qualified to assist us in vastly improving our lives.   It is the “master calculator” that is able to solve the complex puzzles in our lives that contain pieces from different boxes.

For example, we may need to weigh the financial consequences of working fewer hours versus the joy of being able to pursue a long desired personal passion.  Or to reduce business expenses due to the weak economy, we may need to decide which employee to let go: an honest and loyal employee who has poor work habits, or a productive one who intimidates other workers.

Situations like these aren’t always clear cut and easy to resolve; it is our intuition, operating in the background, that is able to integrate and process the countervailing factors and ultimately point us toward the right choice.

Excessive Control Undermines Our Intuition

The common definition of intuition is that of making decisions based on feelings rather than facts.   It follows, then, that our intuition works best (and is most reliable) when we approach challenging decisions from a calm and grounded place.

However, our controlling actions undermine this process.  Controlling actions generate tension, anxiety, worry, conflict, and the like, interfering with our ability to trust our intuition to be “sound”—because we are not feeling sound ourselves.  Controlling a situation forces or presses the action, so that life’s natural currents are unable to flow naturally.   If we disturb this flow, we can’t observe it completely—and this disrupts our ability to make decisions based on all the options available to us.

Enhance Your Intuition by Letting Go of Control

We need to let go of control if we wish to utilize our intuition to the fullest.  In prior posts (as well as in my forthcoming book, Losing Control, Finding Serenity) I have written about the harms of over-managing our lives, and the lives of others.  I’ve also written about the remarkable benefits that follow when you are willing to let go of control in important life arenas.

I encourage you to participate in the discourse by sharing your own feelings and experiences about control.

Let It Go!


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  • Daniel A. Miller Posted April 8, 2011 10:26 am

    Denise, thank you for letting me know this. I have not read the conversion to ebook format of the book and was unaware of the flaws. I will take steps to correct them so that others will not be inconvenienced like you. I can assure you that the paperback version of my book has been professionally edited, copy edited, and proof read. I would appreciate your sending me your address to danny@losingcontrolfindingserenity.com so that I may mail you the paper back version of the book.

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